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Wondering why would you need another tool to read the news if you already have native applications and websites?

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Break through the noise

Do not be overwhelmed by useless information. Pick your the sources and stay focused on what is important.

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Escape the algorithms

No more algorithmic feeds and ads, only updates that you need. You decide how often and what news you want to receive.

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Save time

Take 5 minutes to set your digest up and forget about it. We will take care of sending you all the updates.

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Tack back control of the information. Read the news without doomscrolling through social media and endless websites.

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Supports the most popular sources

Taco Digest can aggregate news sources across the web and send the updates to your inbox.

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    Web feed format that allows you to access all the updates from various blogs and websites.

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    The most popular social news aggregation platform and one of the most visited websites on Earth.

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    All your email newsletters bundled in one digest to enjoy on your own schedule.

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    Hacker News

    One of the most popular social news websites focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship.

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    The biggest video sharing and social media platform with thousands of amazing channels.

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    Exchange rate

    Exchange rate updates of the most popular currencies and cryptocurrencies of the world.

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    Temperature and weather conditions in your city.

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    Didn't find your favorite source? Tell us!

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