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Ben’s Bites

Ben’s Bites delivers concise, engaging AI content that makes complex topics accessible and entertaining. Ideal for keeping up with AI trends in a quick, enjoyable format, it offers free subscriptions and a comprehensive introduction to AI.

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Established in 2018, TLDR AI simplifies complex AI news and academic papers into concise summaries, ideal for AI and ML professionals. Part of a larger ecosystem with over 5 million readers, it provides a daily digest of key AI developments.

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The Neuron

The Neuron offers daily, detailed AI news updates and learning resources, including free AI courses. Written by students with a humorous touch, it caters to a broad audience interested in a deep dive into AI without the noise.

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AI Valley

AI Valley provides a daily, quick insight into AI developments with unique insights and resources. It aims to make readers smarter about AI in just 2 minutes a day, focusing on practical applications and tutorials.

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AlphaSignal caters to the technically inclined reader, offering weekly insights into the latest AI breakthroughs and announcements. It features expert analysis, coding tips, and trends, essential for ML engineers and researchers.

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Superhuman is more than an AI newsletter; it equips readers to apply AI in enhancing their careers and daily tasks. Known as "The AI Guy," Zain Kahn has expanded its reach to over 500,000 readers, providing tools and insights for practical AI use.

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Sunday Signal

Sunday Signal drops weekly industry highlights and curated AI-related content, focusing on insights from the world of AI startups. It offers a unique perspective for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts interested in the interplay between AI and business.

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Prompt Engineering Daily

Prompt Engineering Daily offers daily updates on the latest AI news and practical tips for embedding AI into business processes. Voted as a top AI voice on LinkedIn, this newsletter is a preferred source for developers and engineers.

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Future Tools

Future Tools provides weekly news and analysis on cutting-edge software and AI startups, essential for tech entrepreneurs wanting to stay ahead of trends. It focuses on new tools and technologies shaping the future of AI and machine learning.

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Visually AI

Visually AI, led by AI educator Heather Cooper, focuses on generative AI, covering new tools, prompts, and industry news weekly. It is aimed at those interested in the creative applications of AI technology.

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